2319 Commissioner Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1A4


Sales, Freight Forwarding and Head Office

Columbia Containers Ltd.
2319 Commissioner Street
Vancouver, BC, V5L 1A4
Phone: 604-254-9461

For sales inquiries please email: sales@columbiacontainers.com

For Human Resource department please email: HR@columbiacontainers.com

For general inquiries please email: info@columbiacontainers.com

Depot and Dispatch

2525 Commissioner Street
Vancouver, BC

Depot – Phone: 604-216-3725

Dispatch – Phone: 604-216-3726 or 3724


About Us

Operating within the Port of Vancouver’s South Shore, Columbia Containers has long served as the logistical gateway for containerized international bulk grain shipments from the Western Coast of Canada.