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Container Depot & Logistics

Through the integration of information, transportation, handling and storage, we always know where your product is and ensure it is always exactly where you need it to be.

We execute the logistical activities of transloading effectively and efficiently to ensure your deadlines and quality of standards are met.

Our onsite inventory control and management system makes us efficient and flexible while managing your grains with precision and real-time information.

In accordance with the Access Agreement under the Trucking Licensing System as established by the Port of Vancouver, all our container trucks meet stringent operational criteria including maximum age and safety and environmental requirements. We are proud to be part of a program which helps facilitate a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

We offer the following depot services:

Secure storage

Container inspection

Grading and repair

Inventory control

Transportation services for container delivery

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About Us

Operating within the Port of Vancouver’s South Shore, Columbia Containers has long served as the logistical gateway for containerized international bulk grain shipments from the Western Coast of Canada.