Columbia Containers has received approval and permit to reposition and rebuild our grain transloading facility at 2775 Commissioner Street. The permit applications include:

  • Decommission and remove our secondary system, stores facility and workshop ("System II Demolition and Pit Excavation" permit received)
  • Build a modern, efficient and compact transloading facility to replace our aging grain elevator at a new location slightly north (toward the water) and west of our current grain elevator; install three new grain storage silos to replace our existing container storage ("New Grain Transloading Facility" permit received)
  • Adjust the retaining wall on the foreshore approximately 20 feet to the north, allowing us to shift our building infrastructure slightly north (toward the water) making room for the new Commissioner Street alignment as part of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority South Shore Corridor Project ("Retaining Wall Realignment" permit received).
  • We have already completed the construction of our new two-storey office building at the west end of our property, to replace our current office trailers ("Modular Office Building" permit received).

The proposed project takes place in areas classified as green and yellow in the East Vancouver Port Lands Area Plan and complies with all related requirements with respect to environment and site design. Key project benefits include:

  • Improved safety and efficiency
  • A more visually attractive site
  • Less noise and dust from our operations
  • Reduced noise from rail car switches
  • Reduced truck traffic
  • Job security for our workers
  • Increased competitiveness within the global grain commodities market


Phase 1 - Ground improvements, Excavation, Sheet pile coffer dam

Construction start on April 4th completion by June 15th , 2017

Ground improvement works started on Apr. 7th and were completed on June 6th.

Excavation works started on Apr 6th to prepare for the ground improvement work and the cofferdam area, this activity is ongoing as required by the site requirements. Following the cofferdam area, the loading tower foundation area were excavated as well as the storage silos area for the tunnel and slabs.

The Sheet Pile cofferdam works started on Apr 28th and was completed on May 18th with the cofferdam internal excavation. On May 19th, the concrete floor was poured at the bottom of the cofferdam.

Phase 2 – Foundations

Construction start on May 11th and completion by October 3rd, 2017

Foundation works started on May 19 with the concrete pour of the cofferdam floor. The Concrete foundation works have been continuing at the loading tower footings and pedestals, the cofferdam base slab and walls and storage silo foundation area tunnel slab and walls.

Phase 3 - Structures and Silos

Construction start on August 3rd and completion by December 20, 2017

Above-grade structural work will begin on the main loading tower, followed by the unloading/receiving shed and, finally, the storage bin silos. Both the main loading tower and the unloading/receiving shed will consist of steel framed structures enclosed with cladding. The storage silos will be made of galvanized steel and will feature an upper catwalk spanning across the peaks. Noisier works during this phase will include bolting of the steel silos over a 14-week duration. Prior to this phase of construction, a construction notification letter will be sent to residents to communicate the potential for elevated noise between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Phase 4 - Building Fit Out, Systems, Site works and Rail

Construction start on October 3rd and completion by April 30, 2018

As the support steel for the main loading tower is erected, mechanical installation will commence. Various assemblies of mechanical equipment will be installed prior to cladding the main loading tower. Following this, mechanical equipment will be placed within the unloading/receiving pit area, within the tunnel, beneath the storage silos and across the storage silo catwalk. Following mechanical installation, electrical work and any remaining building fit-out work will be conducted. Additionally, new rail tracks will be installed north of the new main building loading tower. Storage silos will tie into the existing yard tracks located west of the Columbia Containers site. Finally, paving and landscaping will begin upon completion of all mechanical, structural and rail works. Given the relatively low level of anticipated community impact, no construction notification letter is proposed for this phase

Project Materials

Project assessment reports/studies:

May 02 – Rapid Impact using Poker for hard surface at loading tower

May 05 – Sheet pile installation started

May 19 – Concrete Plug pour

May 31 – Set-up of the compression test on Stone Piers

For more information, to meet or speak with a member of our team about the proposed project, or request email updates, please contact:

Dean Giles, GENERAL MANAGER: 604.254.9461 | Email:

Columbia Containers is proud to partner with the Vancouver Parks Board to make improvements to Dusty Greenwell Park as a commitment to our neighbours and neighbourhood.

For questions and concerns for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, please contact the Permit Comments Line at 604.665.9570 or or visit the website

Residential Notices

March 21, 2017
February 22, 2017
November 2, 2017

Drawings and Renderings