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Terminal Operations

We specialize in transloading grain from hopper railcars to ocean containers while ensuring shipping documentation and cargo cut-off deadlines are met.

This process involves coordinating four critical elements: 1) arrival of grain via rail; 2) availability of shipping line vessel space and empty containers; 3) plant capacity to transload the grain; and 4) trucking logistic services to return the loaded containers to terminals.

The transload terminal, which was commissioned in 2018, offers precision transloading capabilities with the ability to load 20’, 40’ standard and 40’ high cube intermodal containers. In addition, the terminal allows for bulk receiving and loading from/to hopper trucks. Our twin loading bays utilize independent 50 metric tonne hopper scales, which are independently inspected, calibrated, and certified for accuracy at least annually.

We can load containers using either a corrugated-cardboard bulkhead containment-wall or for more sensitive products, such as malt, we can load into a durable reinforced polyethylene fabric liner bag. This liner bag can withstand the rugged surfaces of the container while ensuring your products remain free from outside contaminants. We only use steel bars for bracing, which ensures no phytosanitary issues associated with containment bracing (unlike wood products) at destination.

Our rail service yard has sufficient rail compacity to house over 60 railcars.

Operations are in compliance with the Canadian Organic Regime with annual certification by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. In addition, we are a Canadian Food Inspection Agency sampling certified organization.

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Operating within the Port of Vancouver’s South Shore, Columbia Containers has long served as the logistical gateway for containerized international bulk grain shipments from the Western Coast of Canada.